Bulk Bath Salt Soak - 5 lbs.

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Bath Salt Soaks gently relax the body with mineral rich Ocean and Epsom salts. The potent combination of  essential oils combines with key actives and natural botanicals relieve aches to detoxify the body while replacing needed nutrients.

  • Pure Essential Oils work to soothe sore, tired muscles as it deeply as they detoxify naturally.

  • Epsom salts, rich in magnesium and sulfates, support a healthy circulation, regulate electrolytes and detoxify the body while softening skin and supporting sore muscles.

  • Pacific Sun Dried Sea Salts rich in calcium, potassium and magnesium add valuable trace minerals to the bath, softening the water naturally and gently cleansing the skin.

California Sea Salt (Sodium chloride), Epsom Salt (Magnesium sulfate), Essential Oil,  Vitamin E (Tocopherol acetate) and Vitamin E (d-Aplpha tocopherol)

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