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Stone Cauldron by Ashwini Bhat


“Stone Cauldron” is a limited-edition cauldron made exclusively for Soap Cauldron. Handmade out of stoneware/California clay, the inside features a metallic glaze for ease of cleaning. The outer surface is unglazed and rustic, naked clay. The material is resonates with its connection to earth, erosion and the undulating landscape of California. Each is is hand signed by the artist. *Please note that the cauldron comes without product but should you choose to add product make a note upon checkout and we will prepare it as a gift set.

Ashwini studied ceramics with Ray Meeker, at Golden Bridge Pottery, in Pondicherry, India after years of engagement with dance and literature. From 2010-2017, she traveled to Australia, China, Japan, and all over the U.S. as a resident artist, firing various kinds of kilns, meeting and collaborating with other artists, extending my repertoire of skills, and finally choosing Petaluma, California as her home. Her focus has been on hand-built works with coils and slabs and the use of solid clay blocks, scooping clay to create negative spaces. Although trained in wheel throwing, she became a hand-builder by choice. The slowness of the hand-building process allows her to internalize forms. Although her artistic focus is on ceramic sculpture, she also loves using ceramics in every day ways: cups that fit the hand, vases for fresh flowers from the garden and decorated platters that enhance and showcase the food they hold.

Her work can be viewed at the following galleries:

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