I miss my father every day

There is not a day that I do not miss my father. I say hello and goodbye to his photo every day because he is always active in my thoughts. I’m a realist, and I know that at end of the day he was a person just trying to make the best decisions possible. So sure, not perfect, but very human. For me, it was my father who instilled in my sisters and I the ability to dream, and the will to create. As kids, we made all kinds of things with my father. An avid photographer, he preferred box cameras and the art of developing his own photos. On many afternoons, watching the many coveted images emerge, we learned what it meant to have a passion for a craft.

In the years that followed, I, the youngest, learned to make hand-dipped candles, stuffed sausages, work with metal, brew root beer, as well as the art of mushroom cultivation. All while listening to BBC radio and classical music. Each afternoon, we would inspect our progress and, whether we succeeded or failed, we had some great adventures.

When I think of him, I remember the lavender oil he would apply to his hair and the sandalwood soap he used every day. These scent memories bring him immediately to mind. The other day, while browsing, I saw the soap he always used. I bought it, inhaled deeply, and then placed it on my altar where his picture rests. I wish that I could have a conversation with my father as I am now, I have so many questions I would love to ask him. I also wish that my daughter could share similar adventures with her grandfather the way I did.

With each product we handcraft, I remember my father and wonder what he would think. I know that he would love that we have stayed true to our roots, that we are handcrafted, sustainable, and strive for transparency. He would love that we are part of our local community and work with other small businesses because it matters. He would know that we get up every day and try to make the world just a little bit better because anything less is unacceptable.

I know my father is with us; his presence is never far away. When we make decisions at the Cauldron, big or small, we always weigh them in the context of what he would do. And that North Star has never failed us. Happy Father’s Day.

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