Our Soap Story

owner emma and her daughter posing outside

What began as a mother’s love for her child brought us both to a shared love of handcrafted artisan soap. My daughter did not come into this world easily: a delicate preemie, she was born wrong side up and way too early at 3 pounds. I began making soap and salves for my daughter as I knew that this small and fragile being needed the best care possible.

When my daughter was three she joined in the process of making soap for family and friends who were so amazed at the quality they encouraged us to go into business. We named our company Soap Cauldron and launched Three Sisters Apothecary, named after myself and my two sisters. Our company is the creative ground from which all our soap creations originate. We are family owned and operated and located in beautiful Northern California and we've been making natural herbal soaps in small batches for our family and friends as the Three Sisters Apothecary and Soapy Tails brands since 1999. 

The art of alchemy best describes what we do. Our handcrafted bar soaps are made in the time-honored tradition of the first soap guilds of 7th century Europe. Now just as it was then each bar is handmade in small batches with only natural botanicals, pure essential oils and gourmet butters.  From the early recipes coveted by these guilds, these beneficial ingredients nourish and support skin daily.

We incorporate ingredients from nature into our cauldron and transform them into nourishing and gentle soaps that gently cleanse and pamper the skin. We know that in this fast paced world the simplicity of nature is often forgotten. We bring back that reverence for nature with our products. The natural plant oils we select are pure and chosen for the unique properties they impart to our bars. These oils are gently heated with finely ground nurturing botanicals that will infuse their benefits to the finished soap bar.

We have cultivated a loyal customer base and it has given our brand longevity allowing us to transform from an artisan effort to established Makers. We still love making soap and work to source and package our ingredients locally to minimize our carbon footprint. Our boxes are printed on recycled board made with Solar power. We use as many organic ingredients as possible as well as sustainable palm oil and are certified animal friend by the Leaping Bunny Organization.

Soap Cauldron Gives Back

Soap Cauldron also partners locally to make a difference. We believe that as part of our community and as a responsible business we have a duty to give back. We proudly support our community with regular donations of bar soaps. Our love of soap comes across in our products and we feel that is a key reason why we have grown in our local community.

Owner Emma her sister and daughter sitting outside on a large pallet swing with a small black dog and black cauldron in foreground

Soap Cauldron believes as a responsible community member our focus should be people and our planet before profits. While we know that a bar of soap won’t solve the problems facing our world, we also know that each and every effort makes a difference in the overall scheme of things.

As such we donate bars of soap quarterly to Elisha’s Pantry and Catholic Charities as well as a number of local Waldorf Schools. A hot shower  with a natural bar of soap may be that ray of hope in a day that otherwise seems overwhelming. This is why we choose to partner with local groups to share our products in our community.