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  • Together - Apart

    Together - Apart

    The 2020 pandemic has been life changing for everyone and not one person remains unaffected. Small businesses are no exception. These often family-owned endeavors are the life blood of many communities and the wide-ranging shelter in place protocols have greatly impacted the ability of small business to remain viable. Those that do have had to find a way to pivot their business model and hustle.
  • Soap -The First Line of Defense

    Soap -The First Line of Defense

    Does soap need to be antibacterial to be effective?

    We have received emails from customers asking if soap needs to be antibacterial to help keep them safe. The simple answer is no. This is because in a non-hospital setting, there is no FDA approved specific over the counter ingredient that is yet known to kill viruses. What is effective according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Food & Drug Administration (FDA) is hand washing between 20-40 seconds with any soap and warm water. 

  • Barn 5400 - Home Sweet Home

    Barn 5400 - Home Sweet Home

    Soap Cauldron chose to become a member of the maker community Barn 5400 located in Petaluma, CA when after five years we outgrew our 800 sqft space behind a Waldorf Toy store in Sebastopol, CA. Having been members of the Waldorf Community, our first professional space in Sebastopol felt most like home and a safe space  for a company that had previously been located in our home studio. Like any fledgling company that first shift was enormous with all kinds of new considerations including production, sales, distribution, overhead, taxes, liability, insurance etc. However, our loyal consumer base supported us and we quickly outgrew the Barlow.