Shaving as Art

Shaving as Art

When we were very little, my sisters and I clearly remember seeing our father shaving before the mirror each morning. He was very traditional and would carefully work his favorite shaving soap into a lather with a brush and water. Ever so slowly he would apply it to his face, achieving a uniform and thorough covering. Then he would pick up the straight razor that he meticulously honed on a strop in the manner of the classic barbershops and spend the next several minutes lost in the pursuit of the perfect shave.

Our father prided himself on always having a clean and smooth shave, and when he passed by you could detect a hint of juniper or the vetiver balm he would finish with. It’s this memory that inspired us to create our shave soaps, balms, and oil. 

Shaving tools

Traditional wet shaving with soap and razor is an immersive self-care experience that allows, if not requires, one to slow down and be in the moment. While single blade safety razors are known to provide a vastly superior shave to the mass-produced disposable razors, the straight razor is all that and more. By their very nature, the traditional straight razor is not only sustainable but can last a lifetime, and if cared for properly, can provide an exceptionally close shave. The extremely sharp blade allows the user greater control over the angle and pressure of their strokes, which results in a more precise shave. While a bristle brush is recommended to create a rich lather, a vigorous hand lather can also be used.

However, the challenge of the perfect shave does not end with the razor, as shave soap formulas require a combination of balance and art, and finesse. They need just the right ingredients to create a rich, frothy lather that adheres to the face, and lubricates the skin to ease the passage of the razor across the skin. We choose not to include synthetic ingredients which may provide an expected performance but disrupt the synergistic nature of the natural ingredients we select. The pure essential oils, gourmet plant oils and botanicals in our small batch shave soaps not only cleanse the skin but soften stubble and provide an effortless slip. Our shave soap creates a protective barrier, that reduces friction and allows for the smooth glide of the razor on the skin, to protect it from nicks, cuts and razor burn. We add aloe to complement the naturally occurring glycerin, which helps to soothe and moisturize. Our shave soaps are highly concentrated, so they will wear more slowly, and last longer, and the natural scents of crisp Juniper and aromatic cedar, or smoky vetiver and crisp lime are subtle and clean, allowing for gentle reminders throughout the day of the thought and care put into the shaving ritual.

If our father were still with us today, we know he would love and use the shaving soaps we create. Despite his passing some 20 years ago, a loss which reshaped us and continues to define us to this day, he is with us each and every day,  and with each batch of shaving products we make, we strive to blend to his high standards and demanding expectations, and we know he would approve.

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