Scent & Memory

Three Sisters Apothecary Jasmine Products

Science supports that our sense of smell is deeply ingrained in our emotional memory. A scent can be so incredibly evocative of a moment in life that new scent-based therapies are being utilized in the care of patients with different types of dementia. 

For my sister and I, when we first opened our new samples of Jasmine Absolute, we were immediately transported to our younger selves. Those late days running amok with our middle sister as scrawny barefoot children in the warm summer evenings perfumed with our mother’s Night Blooming Jasmine. 

It was in these twilight hours that the glowing white flowers would unfurl and release their potent essence. And it was this fragrant scent that would accompany us on our nighttime adventures creating potions, chasing one another, and getting into mischief in our parents’ yard. These memories easily slip away forgotten now that we are older, but the scent of that Night Blooming Jasmine is a personal reminder that no matter how much we age, its aromatic scent lingers and can harken those younger selves. 

Three Sisters Apothecary Night Blooming Jasmine Bath Salt Soak

Night blooming Jasmine flowers are nocturnal and open in the early evening hours to emit their signature musky and floral perfume.  Jasmine blooms are initially pale pink in color as they first emerge and then transition to a pristine white as they unfurl. Thousands of delicate flowers are harvested in the early morning hours, when the buds are closed and when the oil content is greatest.

We take this precious oil and combine it with pure plant oils and butters to make our signature body butter and bar soaps. We love it so much we immediately added it to our Bath Salt and Aromatherapy candles. Inhale these sweetly floral notes and relax in your own personal sanctuary and memories, because Jasmine is simply transcendent